who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

growing up ever since seeing the 1994 movie,
i've been a fan of the character, the Shadow.
so since i found the Reaper Miniatures version of the character
i wanted to include him in my Fistful of Lead games.

since he is a really special character (least in my eyes),
i created a profile for the Wiley Games' Fistful of Lead.
some of the traits i created and some i tweaked.

the Shadow
shoot: d12, close combat: d12
·Veteran: You use a d12 for all rolls.

 ·Two Guns: You can use burst fire at close range without having to
go “Out of Ammo” automatically.
·Tough as Nails: You can take up to 4 Wounds instead of 3.

·Smart: Add +1 to any task roll.
· Supernatural Abilities (psionics, pg. 45 of the Galactic Heroes rulebook)
- Master of Stealth: -1 to be hit if target of Shooting, this stack with Creeping.
- Expert Detective: the Shadow receives an extra +1 to task rolls.
 - Shadow Walk: The Shadow can slide between shadows and cross distances in the
blink of an eye. On roll of 5+ the Shadow can move up to 12” in any direction including
vertically. On a roll of 8+, they may move up to 24”.
- Heal: Use 1 action, remove one wound or all shock markers.
- Hypnotic: use the Burst Template any models under it receives -1 to shoot and close combat towards the Shadow.
- Telepathic Mental-Clouding: You instill fear in all that meet your gaze.
As an action, you may use this ability on any enemy within 12”.
The fear is induced similar to Close Combat.
Both you and victim roll Close Combat dice.
If the victim rolls higher, nothing happens.
They have overcome their fears and are immune to any further
attempts by you to scare them.

If you roll higher, subtract the victim’s roll and use the difference on the chart below:
1-2: The victim becomes fearful and immediately pulls back one move from you.
3-5: The victim becomes fearful and immediately pulls back one move
from you and gets a Shock marker.
6-8: The victim is paralyzed with fear and stands rooted to the spot, Helpless.
The figure must be rescued before it can be activated again.*
9+: The victim is terror stricken and immediately flees from the table.
Modifiers: +2 if Fearless, -1 for every Shock or Wound marker.

this particular miniature is from Reaper Miniatures.


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