the last rites of Nefer-amen - Fistful of Lead

 was able to squeeze in a game of Fistful of Lead with Rita the other day along
with her oldest son, Lonnie.
i wanted to try out another game system instead D&D while using the
Tenfold Dungeon temple set from Gale Force Nine.
i promise every game won't be with this temple set,
i just love this product and i figure more i use it, it's almost advertising how well it
works with whatever you play along with it.

this time around i wanted to play a pulp themed game using the Fistful of Lead
rules and see how well everything meshed since it wasn't going to be a normal table setup.

layout of the temple to be explored.

the adventurers (from l to r):
Hando Solomon, Javier, Harrison Jones, Rita Lynn, Garrett Cunningham,
and a few members of the Knights of the Crescent Moon.

the party prepping to explore the temple.

a turn for the worst..
the group runs into giant rats...
very large rats.

a very tenacious and stubborn giant rat.
nearly took several attempts of gunfire to be taken down.

Javier and Hando check out a room.

half the group walks down a corridor and runs into a ghoul.

(not sure why Cunningham is facing the wall and preparing to shoot at it).

some of the heroes entered the sanctum of a high priest that
is accompanied by a mummy.

Hando tried to save Harrison from the mummy,
but accidentally killed Harrison.
not bad dice rolling.

as the group advances through the temple, Rita Lynn walks in on
three mummies haunting the area.

gunfire and melee mayhem through a doorway

Hando takes a wound, and a whole lot of shaky heroes.

what remained of the adventurers came face-to-face with the spirit that roamed
the passageways of the temple.
by the end everyone had run away in fear,
except the actor turned pilot, Garrett Cunningham.

everyone had fun playing yet another eventful and hilarious game of Fistful of Lead.


  1. Looks like a great game! I really need to get myself one of those temples, it looks so useful!

    1. they are great to have.
      I'm already looking into getting another one. they are so nice.

  2. Oo, lovely FfoL pulp action.
    I can see why you like that temple set, it looks gorgeous, and it's clearly very adaptable

    1. heh, yeah Tenfold has other sets i might get, but this temple is the best for my current table
      set-up at the moment.


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