Grishnug and the Red Fangs (edited 3/3/24)

continuing working on my orc warband.
once again i continued using the slapchop painting method just to get several more
painted in a short amount time.

since i am using two sets of the Wizkids orc box sets
i will have multiple orcs with same armor sculpts and weapons.
when i painted these guys i mainly used a red and green for any cloth on their armor.
i did convert some weapons so they wouldn't look the same to another figure
armed the same way.

with several of them i used a lighter to some what melt and soften the plastic to either
bend wrists/hands holding weapons or even clipped some weapons so they wouldn't
look the same to another.

the orc warband lead by the self proclaimed king of the orcs, Grishnug.
which was the name of my orc hunter from back in my days of World of Warcraft.

(edit: several days after i made this post i got the rest of the Wizkids orcs finished.
in all of their glory, the entire w

the orc king leads a few into battle against a huge spider and her young ones.

Grishnug, the crowned king of the orcs of the southern wasteland of the dreaded sun.
the original weapon would of been a two-handed mace,
but i clipped the head of it and replaced it with an orc skull.
also gave him a very nice cloak to make him stand out a bit.

Umhra, the executioner of Grishnug.

Umhra becomes surrounded by horrendous grub like worms.

Gnogin, a goblin mage.
at one time i ordered a few of figures from a new miniature company called,
Next Level Miniatures.

more orcs armed with swords and flail.

Nazdreg, the Eye of Gruumsh.
i added 40k Space Wolves wolf pelts to his belt since pretty much this particular
figure is a special character.

newly finished orcs armed with shield and hand weapons.

and also finished orcs armed with bows for some ranged attacks.

patrolling the ruins of a forgotten temple,
several members of Grishnug's warband are ambushed by creatures
they are not familiar with.


  1. Great stuff. You've got a lot of character in those.
    Bonus points for grey skinned orcs and yellow goblins rather than Games Workshop green

    1. thanks, I didn't just want to have a horde of orcs, I wanted a warband that had character for not only D&D, but for other games.

    2. Then I have to say 'Mission Accomplished'. Well done

    3. still have four more orcs to get done, then mission accomplished. haha.
      next project will be a cult for a certain Lovecraftian deity.


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