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 last week i celebrated forty-four years on this rock and i was surrounded by good friends
playing Dungeons and Dragons.
Jon and Lindsey from the group walked in with two nice size boxes and i was worried
on what it could be but then i was like a kid in a candy store.

after unwrapping both boxes i was damn near floored by what i saw.

Lindsey got me the Tenfold Dungeon Dungeons & Sewers set.
once i set my eyes on this i knew exactly what i wanted to do.
adding this to the Castle set would be a great adventure to unfold on the table.

some pictures of the set pieces with miniatures.

a heroic party makes their way down into the dungeon and being ambush by
some haunted spirits.

a ghoulish showdown!

rancid waters brings filth and swarms of flies.

an old man and his pet?
maybe his younger brother who has a terrible problem in the form of lycanthropy.

a risen horde of bones and armor versus the champions of the city!

Jon surprised me the most with a freaking huge dragon.
now to be honest i have been collecting D&D figures for almost two years and have yet
to purchased any kind of dragon.
so this fellow will be my first.

i never realized the Wizkids gargantuan dragons were this big,
least the box that it came in.
i placed an old warhammer bretonnian sorceress miniature next to the box
for size comparison.
it will be awhile till i get this big bastard painted but once i do he will be posted up
on here real quick!


  1. Happy Birthday.
    More nice terrain, those sets look really useful.
    I can't believe this is your first dragon. I'm looking forward to seeing how you paint it.
    Are those spirits Mantic ghouls on flying stands? They look great

    1. thanks man, I know after all this time and I haven't gotten one dragon until now haha.
      and yes those are Mantic ghouls.

  2. Happy birthday! That's a great haul!


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